Helping You Terminate Your Lease believes that our clients deserve to drive a clean, comfortable low-mileage car whenever they need one. We also know that they experience significant life-changes that often render their current vehicles impractical or ineffective. Our leasing professionals will work with you to help find a way out of your current lease with minimal penalty and hassle. You don’t have to spend the next few years driving a car that no longer works for you. Call us today at 814-667-0111 so we can start the process of convenient, affordable and hassle-free auto lease termination. We look forward to helping you start the process.

Why Should I Terminate My Lease?

There are multiple reasons why drivers may opt for lease termination. As life changes and we’re put in new situations, our driving and daily travel needs and habits change as well. Whether you need a bigger vehicle to accommodate a new addition to your family, have a farther commute to work and require something with better fuel economy; or you’re looking to downsize, offers fair, comprehensive and expert assistance with your lease termination. We will also be glad to help you behind the wheel of the car or truck you really want and that works best for your budget and lifestyle. We’ll help get out of your current lease for as little money as possible.

Getting the Process Started

Once it is determined that your car or truck on longer works with you, our professionals will be glad to sit down and thoroughly examine your current lease agreement to determine your best course of action. Some of the more common fees associated with lease termination can include:
  • Remaining payments on your lease and early-termination fees
  • Costs related to preparing the vehicle for sale
  • Storage and/or transportation of the vehicle
  • Taxes associated with leasing, if any
  • Negative equity between your lease amount and the current value of your car
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